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I’m Loving These Epoxy Resin Counters

Photo by Sergei Sushchik on Unsplash

Yes, I am late to the party.

I’ve only been noticing the Epoxy Resin trend lately (in the last 2-3 weeks). It’s SO pretty! I love that it resembles marble when it’s finished.

This video is courtesy of Hector Fuentes (itsepoxy on Tiktok). The pour was over old laminate countertops.


Old laminate to epoxy countertops🔥 this one is a full gloss black marble #itsepoxy #epoxyresin #epoxycountertops #fyp#renovation #remodel #california

♬ Nobody’s Perfect – J. Cole
Hector Fuentes on Tiktok

Fuentes started by covering everything in the kitchen except the countertops – resin pours can be very messy. He then sanded and painted the countertops.

Hector shows himself doing the pour. He uses a roller to spread the resin around. The reveal looks amazing! He added white paint to give it a marble-like effect.

I should do more research on its resistance to wear and tear, including scratching and chopping. I’d love to use it for a coffee or dining table top.

What say you? Did you like it? Have you used epoxy resin before? Let me know!

Shonte Nichole Jenkins

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