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This Tiktoker Did a Bathroom Refresh For $50

Photo by Filios Sazeides on Unsplash

This Tiktoker named Bri (@d.i.y.bri) did a bathroom refresh for under $50. Yep, UNDER $50.

In the video, Bri explained that the upstairs bathroom was recently renovated, but the one in the video was overdue to be updated. She admitted that she did not want to spend the cash to do a full renovation, but she did want to spice up the space.

Being budget-conscious, Bri used materials that were already laying around the house and said in the video the only purchased items were green paint, 1 can of spray paint, and an outlet cover. That’s the kind of budget we like!

She took the current towel bar off of the wall, removed the lighting fixtures, and took the handles off of the vanity. Bri then covered the holes in the wall that were left behind by the screws with Spackling Paste. She spray-painted the window pane black, painted the vanity green, and added a cathedral mirror above the sink.

Bri added new handles to the vanity and spray-painted the heating vent underneath the window. She also added a black towel ring holder that was more squoval than circle-shaped. She painted the faucet gold, which was such a classy touch!

The Tiktoker admitted that the lighting fixture was one they brought with them when they moved to their new home, and the mirror was free on Facebook Marketplace.

It looked like hard work, but Bri was able to accomplish it and give us the inspiration to make our spaces just as beautiful!

Here is a list of items Bri confirmed that she used in the video:

  1. Dap DryDex Dry Time Indicator Spackling Paste
  2. AMACO Rub N’ Buff Metallic Finish
  3.  Rustic Wood Shelves
  4. All In One Paint (for the cabinet)

Did you like the touch-up? Let us know in the comments below!

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